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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Not much to tell at the mo.
Training went ok. I passed the theory test... 92%, and practiced the main practical test.
Tomorrow`s the big day, so we`ll see. I`m quietly confident. No way I`ll get a perfect score, but I`d be shocked if I didn`t scrape through.
:: Steve Benway 6:13 PM [+] ::

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Hmm... training was pretty tough today. The instructor`s a sarcastic bastard, and the moment I make any kind of mistake, he`s on my case, which makes me totally lose concentration, so I screw it up completely.
I guess his logic is, if he rants at us when we make mistakes, we`ll remember not to do it wrong next time. Doesn`t work for me though. I`m much better at it when he just leaves us alone.
Anyways... I`m making progerss, and should be able to scrape up a half way respectable pass. (fingers crossed)
:: Steve Benway 4:51 PM [+] ::
The words "I`m" and "knackered" come to mind right now. Still.. what the heck... not much longer and this course will be over.
The forktruck instructor said if we don`t have a stiff neck by the end of the day, we`re not doing it right (lots of observation, checking clearance etc), so I muct be doing it perfectly. My neck`s stiff as hell.
I was a bit nervous when I saw the post this morning. Six letters, several plain brown or white envelopes... that usually means nasty stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised. Just for a change... it was all good :-)
Still nothing from peoplesound though. I have to admit, I`m getting a little impatient with them. I know my CD`s waiting in a queu and all, but damnit... I want to be able to set up a link so I can sell the thing.
:: Steve Benway 8:04 AM [+] ::

Monday, October 29, 2001

That all went rather nicely.
I was kept waiting for over an hour and a half, `cause one of the other trainees didn`t turn up, and the 2nd one was lete, but once we started, we got stuck right in.
Finally, it feels good to actually be learning what I went there to learn.
:: Steve Benway 5:22 PM [+] ::
So, today my froklift training actually starts. Only 5 weeks into a 6 week course.
If they mess me around today, there`ll be hell to pay, so we`ll see.
Not much else to report at the moment... I only just got up, and really would like to go back to bed, but that`s not an option this week.
I`ll give you an update when I get home.
:: Steve Benway 8:00 AM [+] ::

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Talk about busy in the chatroom last night.
Very nearly everyone was there by the end of the night. That`s the first time we`ve had almost the entire crew in the room in a very long time. After a while, we all bundled into the audio chatroom, and a very good time was had by all.
Later still, a certain annoying little character who I thought I`d banned came wandering back into the irc room, so the few of us who were left went back in there, with the intention of abusing him. We got so carried away with the bot though, that the poor little pipsqueak got confused, and left....hehehehe.
Anyways, it was one of the most enjoyable night`s in chat I can remember... brilliant fun :-)
:: Steve Benway 4:40 PM [+] ::

Friday, October 26, 2001

Last night was both busy, interesting, fun, and then bemusing. I`ll give you a brief rundown.
First off, I helped a friend in setting up her own webcam chatroom as a promotional tool for her main ifriends room. I love techie stuff, so helping with web design and whatever is something I always enjoy.
Next a chap I`ve never actually spoken to before wanders into my chatroom, and loved the chat system so much, he decides he wants something similar on his own site, so we sit there running through the possibilities and options... what applets are free, which you need to host yourself, which are hosted elsewhere, how much control you get with different ones, etc. A thoroughly pleasant and polite guy, which makes such a nice change from some of the idiots who wander into my room.
Next, a chatter we thought we`d lost came wandering back into the room after a month or so of absence. If you`re reading this, and I suspect you are... it`s good to have you back :-)
Later still, my friend put her webcam chatroom online, and I lurked in there while chatting in my own room. It was a fascinating study in both the lameness of some characters when they see a pretty woman on cam, and in bizarre conversations. There were some highly unusual philosophies being discussed. Being in my own room at the time, I wan`t really able to contribute to the conversation, but as an exercise in human observation, I wouldn`t have missed it for the world.
Finally, and this bit annoyed me... there were two more examples of small mindedness when it comes to men having long hair and beards. The first was some lamer who named himself Jesus_is_a_myth, who was quite simply a moron... and then later, after I`d gone to bed, another character wandered in named BeardedFreak.
What`s wrong with these people?
Needless to say, I`ve set an auto kick on anyone entering the room with either Jesus or Beard in their names. I guess there`s a positive side to this, as every lamer who wanders in with an offensive name makes it harder for the next lamer. The list of auto kick names is getting extensive, to say the least, and some of the kicklines are great ;-)
:: Steve Benway 2:32 PM [+] ::

Thursday, October 25, 2001

News update. Panic averted.
I couldn`t get through to the housing benefits office by phone, as it was permenantly engaged.. so I cycled the 4 miles to their office in double quick time.
After waiting in a que for an hour, I was finally able to see a benefits office, who was thankfully able to see exactly what had happened.
Basicly, the woman who had cancelled my housing benefit has just returned from maternity leave, and isn`t familiar with the new software/system, and had assumed that since my training scheme ends on the 9th Nov, then my housing benefit claim would end on the same day. Duh!!! This is not how it works, and thank god the woman I spoke to realises this.
My congratulations to this woman on the birth of her new child... BUT, if she isn`t competent with the new systems, she should NOT be using them. She`s putting peoples homes at risk, and that simply isn`t acceptable.
:: Steve Benway 5:30 PM [+] ::
This one`s a little late. Hehe... didn`t get up till 2:30pm.
Needless to say, another day at home.
There`s not a whole lot to report yet today, and my brain`s not entirely in gear yet anyway.
I didn`t evnture into chat at all last night... far too tired, and I really wasn`t in the mood. Sorry folks, but I get that way sometimes. It gets very difficult on occasion, being in the room and trying to keep everyone entertained, and dealing with private messages at the same time, especially when I`m trying to do other stuff as well... so once in a while, I just take a break.
Anyways, I`ll be in there tonight.
As for the rest of this afternoon... hmm. Well, I guess I really should do some shopping, and a little laundry too. Ack! Laundry sucks. Especially when you don`t have a washing machine. I do it all by hand... talk about a drag.
Helloooo...... what`s this? Big white unmarked envelope in my letter box. I get worried when things like this arrive.. though it could be from peoplesound, I hope. Gimme a mo... just gonna open it.
ACK!!!!!! My housing benefit claim has been cancelled!!! WTF is going on???
I have to ring them RIGHT NOW. This isn`t right at all.
:: Steve Benway 3:21 PM [+] ::

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Heh, looks like I`m home for the duration of the week.
Actually, I guess I`ll go to the main centre tomorrow, `cause the `spec` letter I need to type up is something that`ll need to be modified on each copy, and since I`m using Lotus, and they`re using an old version of Word, I`d be better off doing the doing it on their machines, and posting from there. Free postage if I do it there, and they have faster printers.
As for right now though... I guess I`m gonna watch some more movies. Angel Heart, Devil`s Advocate, and Serpico. I was actually tempted, while in the Virgin store to go entirely for Al Pacino films, as I consider him one of the finset actors there is, but finally decided a bit more variety would be better.
Hmm.. *ponders*. Trying to decide how many contemporary actors are really on the same level as Pacino. Robert DeNiro and Harvey Kaitel for sure. I guess Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, James Woods, and occasionally even Johhny Depp. I thought Depp was mostly a cutesy teen pinup movie star, till I saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and then Ninth Gate, where he proved what a really adaptable actor he really can be.
I wish I could put Keanu Reeves up there with them, I love his movies, but I just can`t get past the Bill and Ted thing. I`ll sit there watching, and keep expecting him to come out with "Wow.. totally bodacious, dude" He`s a film star, and has an awsome character... but he only has the one character... kind of in the same way as Clint Eastwood. It never mattered what his characters name was... he was always Clint Eastwood, and it`s the same with Keanu Reeves.
Same thing with Tom Cruise. The only time his acting skills ahve ever impressed me was in Interview With a Vampire. He was impressive in that, but most of the time, even while doing his own stunts and stuff in MI2 is impressive, he never stops being Tom Cruise.
And what of Bruce Willis? I think he`s gonna be another Sean Connery... the older he gets, the better he gets. Quentino Tarantino did him a massive favour, casting him in Pulp Fiction. Proved he really could act, and deffininitely saved his carreer.
The one I`m really keeping my eye on though, is Chow Yun Fat. I think a lot of people hadn`t even heard of him, till he did Anna and the King, but his earlier Hong Kong stuff, like Hard Boiled, and The Killer... it`s fantastic, in the typical John Woo style, yet with Anna and the King, he really showed his true potential. A few more parts like that, with some real depth, and he`s going to be a real star.
Anyway.. heh, I`m sure you don`t wanna be reading my opinions on actors, so I`ll go watch some more videos now :-)
:: Steve Benway 10:19 AM [+] ::
*Yawn* Almost awake now.... nearly.
I sat and watched a couple of videos last night. They had a real bargain in Virgin Megastore yesterday... 5 videos for 20, and I just couldn`t resist. Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story, was pretty good, so long as you could get past the fact that Jason Scott Lee doesn`t really look much like Bruce Lee. He`d clearly studied his mannerism`s though, which I found impressive.
Jackal, starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere surprised me... not least because Richard Gere was actually half way good in it, and I normally can`t stand him. I`d heard the film was only average, but curiosity got the better of me, and I thoroughy enjoyed it.
Anyways, enough with the film reviews. I`ve gotta ring the trining centre, and see if Mike`s gonna be in the Wolverton office today. If he`s there, I`m going in... if he isn`t, I`m not. I`ll keep you posted.
:: Steve Benway 9:44 AM [+] ::

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

This is getting beyond a joke.
I went to the centre, and predictably, the instructor wasn`t there. So, the receptionist rang through to the main centre and was told I should go there. So, like a good little chap, I walked there..a 30 minute walk in the other direction, when it would only have been 15 mins from my home.
On getting there, there really was no point in me being there. I`ve completed my IT training, they can`t put me on forks, so.. what was the point?.
Anyway, I went and had words with the manager and told him straight. I was only there because I wanted a fork lift licence. I was now on my 4th week, hadn`t been near a fork truck, and was absolutely damned if I was going to sit downstairs, alone in an office for 7 hours, flicking through the vacancies section of the local paper. I`m there to be trained...if they aren`t going to train me, but want me to perform a task that I can do just as effectively at home, then that`s where I`ll do it. I`m not going to be messed about any more!!!
:: Steve Benway 11:22 AM [+] ::
Here was are again. Another day something, but I dunno what.
I wonder if my instructor will be back at the centre, or if I`ll get another free day. We`ll see. Can`t say I`d be gutted to come home again.
Anyways, I`m gonna cut this one short, `cause I`m not really awake enough to write anything interesting.
:: Steve Benway 8:29 AM [+] ::

Monday, October 22, 2001

Ooooookay. Another update.
I`ve just recieved an email from peoplesound regarding my request for a progress report.
My CD has been accepted by thier A&R dept, and is now waiting to be processed by their production team.
I should be recieving details in the post shortly about when the CD will be available, and as soon as it is, a live link will be added to my website. What this means is, anyone out there who`s downloaded my tunes, and wants to buy the complete 12 track CD, will be able to very shortly. Woohoo !!!
Today just gets better and better :-))
This may be of no interest to a lot of people out there, but to me, it`s a very big deal. I`ve not really considered myself a truly legitimate musician, having very little material freely available, and none at all for sale, so this changes all that. More importantly though, I haven`t really been in the right frame of mind to start work on the next CD, having this one hanging in the balance so long... and it`s been a looong time. The current CD was actually completed over a year ago, and that`s a very long time to be producing no new material.
:: Steve Benway 11:35 AM [+] ::
Hahaha...well that was a result.
I got into the reception of the training centre, only to be told my instructor is off sick. Since I`ve completed the IT training, and can`t start forklifts till next week, they said I could go home. Woohoo! :-)))
So, will I go back to bed now? Probably, but not yet. I`ll do a bit of work, completing the Photo Gallery I`ve been sitting on for a couple of months, and then go into town to pay some bills.
After that... we`ll see.
Hmmm. Y`know, a thought just occurred to me. I`m going to have a good day, because someone else is sick. That`s not something to be too comfortable with. Well.. it`s nothing personal Mike... I hope it`s nothing too serious and get well soon, but don`t hurry back to work too soon when you`re feeling better.
Actually, I do wonder if he`s just taken the day off, `cause he know`s there`ll be no-one there but me. I wouldn`t blame him... and I`d sure take a sickie, if I was faced with the prospect of a whole week with me.
Ah well, either way, so long as he`s okay... in fact, I`d be more comfortable if he was just pulling a sickie... I wouldn`t feel so bad about being happy not to be there.
Anyways, can`t be dwelling on it too much, there`s work to be done. Now if I can just get my feet off my desk...
:: Steve Benway 9:45 AM [+] ::
So... what does a person write in their weblog at 8am, on a monday morning, when they`ve only just got up?
Good question. I wish I knew... hehe.
The cat`s moaning at me to feed him, it`s raining outside, and I have a whole week of this training scheme that`s nothing but a waste of time, and I STILL haven`t been near a forklift truck yet. Talk about wasting tax payers money.
So... can I go back to bed now? No? Oh pleeeeeeeeeease... go on... let me go back to bed. Well damnit.
I`m trying to think now. What can I tell you that`s really exciting? What would you like to know that`s really gonna get people coming back for more? Wanna know what colour undrewear I`m wearing? Not telling you! Haha....Phthththththt :-P
I sent an email to peoplesound on friday, asking what`s happening with my CD, and will they be sorted out any time soon, so I can start selling it? Hopefully, they`ll get back to me sometime this year. It`s been two months now, and honestly, I think that`s taking the piss just a little.
Am I being too negative in these logs?
I can`t tell. I hope not. I`m a pretty positive person really. It`s just hard to be chirpy at this hour. I know I positively don`t want to go to the training place this morning..hehe. Can`t you tell? I`m wasting time here, just trying to put it off till the last minute.
Lalalalala *cough* *choke*
I really gotta quit smoking.
Actually, that`s gonna be one of my new years resolutions.
I read somewhere that you can smoke for 10 years before you`re statisticly more at risk of getting lung cancer... and it`ll be 10 years this year... so I`ll quit... probably.
Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Guess I`d better go.
Back tonight with another rivetting update. I can see you all on the edge of your seats with the suspense ;-)
:: Steve Benway 8:39 AM [+] ::

Sunday, October 21, 2001

I`ve added a new picture to the art gallery on my main `Benway Entertainment` site.. it`s not in the other one yet.
Why is this noteworthy? you may ask. Well, I completed this image on September the 7th, and New York`s Twin Trade Towers feature rather prominently in the background, so I decided it might not be entirely apropriate to upload it straight away.
The thing that makes me sit back and think for a bit though... I completed another image featuring the towers a couple of weeks before. Precognition? Probably not, but it does give me a certain uneasy feeling, as I never actually think about the images I create.. they simply present themselves to me.
Go to the Art Gallery and look at `Faith On The Hill` and `Angel (Old New York)`... you`ll see why I get a shiver up my spine. Remember.. these images were created BEFORE Sept 11th.
:: Steve Benway 3:19 PM [+] ::

Saturday, October 20, 2001

This entry`s a bit late, but with good reason.
Last night in the chatroom was very busy, so I was up till about 6am. I love friday and saturday nights :-)
Slept all day today, and woke up somewhere around 7ish. I`ve got something of a fuzzy brain now `cause of it, but it was worth it. Sleeping`s possibly my 3rd favourite passtime, after sex, and conversations with good friends :-)
Hmm... actually, eating a good curry ranks pretty high too. There`s a place near me that sells frozen curry`s at a very decent price, so I`ve stocked up on them a bit lately. Yummmm :-)
:: Steve Benway 10:36 PM [+] ::

Friday, October 19, 2001

Ok, this has to be a quick one, `cause I`m just about out of time.
Looney now announces himself as a bot, when anyone say hi to him, or just `hi` on it`s own, `cause one guy got quite irate with him...hehehe.
I`m DEFFINITELY going to do a log page specially for him, `cause some of the stuff just has to be seen.
I guess I`ll do a page about him, form the chatroom menu, maybe give some technical specs, and exaples of keywords he responds to... though not all of them ;-)
:: Steve Benway 8:27 AM [+] ::

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Oops. Overslept by an hour, so I`d better get a move on.
Added a couple of features to looney. Chatters other than ops can now get rid if him, simply by telling him to go away, or shut up. It`s also possible to bring him back, if you know the irc invite command.
I dare say I`ll be taking the final computer test in training today... that`s gonna be a walk in the park.. and then I`ll finish designing the rather bogus Tedium Award I was working on yesterday ;-)
Ooh.. just a final quick note... HJ messaged me, and will be in the chatroom at the weekend, so what with new and very chatty people joinging, and old faces returning, the place is getting rather lively :-)
:: Steve Benway 9:19 AM [+] ::

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

I left the bot (looney) in the chatroom when I went to bed last night,as I usually do, with hysterical results. Here`s what happened :-)
^Looney^> Hi scarletspider
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v scarletspider
scarletspider> hello looney that was quick
^Looney^> Nice to meet you scarletspider :) I`m a bot, so I sometimes talk rubbish. Just thought I`d tell you
scarletspider> whats a bot
^Looney^> There are different types of bot, but a chatbot like me is a program that tries to respond to chatters, as if it were a real person.
scarletspider> cool
Looney^> Way cool :-)
scarletspider> wheres benway then
^Looney^> *shrugs*
^Looney^> Beats me. You never can tell with him.
scarletspider> can you tell me something
^Looney^> Probably not
scarletspider> well here go whats the meaning of life
*** welsh-guy-2001 has joined #Benway
^Looney^> Hi welsh-guy-2001
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v welsh-guy-2001
welsh-guy-2001> hi guys
scarletspider> hello welsh guy
welsh-guy-2001> how does the cam bit work?
^Looney^> There`s instructions in the menu .If you`d read the introduction before coming in here, you`d know how to view or add cams in here. Maybe you should read the rules too welsh-guy-2001 `cause you don`t appear to have been paying attention.
welsh-guy-2001> umm ok :S:S
scarletspider> thats not very nice loony
welsh-guy-2001> scarlet can u help me?
^Looney^> Honestly, I think you`re beyond help
scarletspider> i'll try but im not very good at this
^Looney^> Oh... well
welsh-guy-2001> its ok
welsh-guy-2001> who are you looney?
^Looney^> Hmm?
^Looney^> Heard of AI? Well I`m an AU...Artificial Unintelligence lifeform
scarletspider> loonys a bot
welsh-guy-2001> great
^Looney^> You think so?
welsh-guy-2001> yep
scarletspider> looney do you talk to other bots then
^Looney^> Hmm?
welsh-guy-2001> how the hell can he answer qustions if he aint real?
^Looney^> *shrugs*
^Looney^> Really?
scarletspider> this is getting weird
^Looney^> Weird doesn`t doesn`t seem strong enough a word
scarletspider> lonney how old are you
^Looney^> Too old by half
scarletspider> loony have you ever had sex
^Looney^> Did someone mention sex? Ooh baby, bring it on :-P~
welsh-guy-2001> he says he aint real so theres no agem, put him on floppy and hes brand nrw right looney?
^Looney^> Hmm?
^Looney^> Really?
welsh-guy-2001> your fast at typing i got 2 say
^Looney^> How fast?
scarletspider> so what it like in wales then
^Looney^> *shrugs*
welsh-guy-2001> quite
welsh-guy-2001> wales is great
^Looney^> You think so?
scarletspider> oh good
^Looney^> yeah!
scarletspider> what part you from
welsh-guy-2001> have u ever been here?
^Looney^> What, typing whole words too difficult for you welsh-guy-2001 ?
welsh-guy-2001> swansea
scarletspider> not to swansea no but i got mates from there
^Looney^> *shrugs*
welsh-guy-2001> oh rite cool
^Looney^> I`m not cool, I`m bloody freezing!
scarletspider> looney can we turn you off
^Looney^> Hmm?
welsh-guy-2001> ok i still dont understand this place, how do i veiw scarlets cam?
^Looney^> There`s instructions in the menu .If you`d read the introduction before coming in here, you`d know how to view or add cams in here. Maybe you should read the rules too welsh-guy-2001 `cause you don`t appear to have been paying attention.
welsh-guy-2001> veiw*
welsh-guy-2001> view* sorry
^Looney^> Oh blah.
scarletspider> you cant i ant got one have you
welsh-guy-2001> yes
^Looney^> ok
welsh-guy-2001> never mind, nice talking 2 u all, this aint wat i awas after, do u know of n e other cam rooms bot?
^Looney^> *shrugs*
^Looney^> What? You`re gonna come into this chatroom, and ask where you can find other chatrooms? I`m not sure if that`s defeating the object, or just plain rude.
scarletspider> try
^Looney^> w w what the heck?
welsh-guy-2001> id like help lease, and if u dont wana hrlp thats fine. so do you wana help me?
^Looney^> *shrugs*
^Looney^> Honestly, I think you`re beyond help
welsh-guy-2001> thanks.
^Looney^> your welcome
welsh-guy-2001> catrch u around guys.
^Looney^> u r a lazy typist welsh-guy-2001
scarletspider> see ya
welsh-guy-2001> how u can sit here listening 2 that guy, hmm i dunno, wlel cya all.
^Looney^> *shrugs*
^Looney^> Eh?
scarletspider> well looney its just you and me
^Looney^> *shrugs*
welsh-guy-2001> y?
scarletspider> spider sleep now
welsh-guy-2001> bye!!!!
^Looney^> Wow
*** welsh-guy-2001 Quit (Leaving)
scarletspider> say smething then
scarletspider> lonney
scarletspider> looney
^Looney^> Hmm?
scarletspider> looney
^Looney^> Hmm?
scarletspider> looney
^Looney^> Hmm?
scarletspider> you smell
^Looney^> *sniff* *sniff* Phew!
scarletspider> and your fat
scarletspider> hello chanserv
^Looney^> Chanserv... hah! He`s even dumber than me
scarletspider> is that true
^Looney^> It`s true. It`s true. Oh god, I sound like Kurt Angle
scarletspider> whos kurt angle
scarletspider> you still there looney
^Looney^> Hmm?
scarletspider> you suck
^Looney^> Wanna try my vacuum cleaner? It`s got great suction scarletspider
scarletspider> so's my girlfreind
scarletspider> you blow aswell
scarletspider> loney blows
scarletspider> goodbye
^Looney^> yeah!
scarletspider> i said goodbye
^Looney^> yeah!
scarletspider> well say goodbye back then
^Looney^> yeah!
scarletspider> smart arse
^Looney^> What`s that about your arse Your words are so muffled, I guess you`re talking out of it
scarletspider> cool
^Looney^> Not as cool as me.
scarletspider> i am
scarletspider> and im hard
^Looney^> hehe scarletspider said hard
scarletspider> your like butthead
^Looney^> Bleugh!
scarletspider> and bevis
scarletspider> oh well got to go bye
scarletspider> bye bye
:: Steve Benway 8:30 AM [+] ::

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I`m tired.
Busy night, and hours spent streamlining the bot. Bleary eyes, fuzzy brain. Can I go back to bed now? No? Damn. Guess I`d better go to the training centre then.
Someone I care deeply for is having a rough time, and I really wish I could help... but it`s beyond my ability to do anything... and that troubles me. If you`re reading this, and I`m pretty sure you are.. just know that I care.
:: Steve Benway 8:24 AM [+] ::

Monday, October 15, 2001

Ok, that sucked.
Because I wasn`t there on friday, they`ve taken me off of fork training this week. To re-arrange my course, and fit the forklift training in, I now have to either re-schedule my dental appointment yet again, or extend the training course by another week. Extending it, in itself doesn`t bother me, but the paperwork and red tape involved is a pain in the arse.
I`m not a happy chappy.
On a lighter note, I`ve been helping a friend re-work her website over the weekend. I just poked my head in for a look, and apart from one small bug, where a frame isn`t displaying, it`s looking good, and should serve her well once it`s fully funtional.
I don`t know what it is about web design, but I thoroughly enjoy it, and helping other people with there sites makes me feel really good :-)
:: Steve Benway 4:04 PM [+] ::
So.. today I finally get to actually start training on the forklifts. This should be fun.
It`s an earlier start than usual, and I feel like shit, but oh well... I never did like being up in the motning, whatever the time, so no biggie.
I`d better get a move on now, I`m running short on time.
:: Steve Benway 8:01 AM [+] ::

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Well... it`s been a most refreshingly unusual day in the chatroom. We had some intelligent people come in, all at once, which made such a change from the usual "How do I see the cams?" type of crowd.
The topic strayed into some rather serious areas, and wasn`t necesaraly an easy subject, but it was very interesting, none the less.
Hehe.. oh my. No sooner have I said that than someone wanders in and asks how to see the cams, followed by "any girls?"
Oh well. Can`t win them all :-)
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Saturday, October 13, 2001

The little sicko filled my guestbook with abuse.
They used some kind of automated script, and pushed all the proper messages off the bottom. I started deleting the messages, but the little jerk had still got the script running, and was filling the board faster than I could clear it, so I took the thing down, and left them a message.
I suspect it`s a silly little kid who we booted out of the chatroom last night for being annoying. I dunno. Some people just don`t have anything to contribute, but demand to be heard anyway. How sad.
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Unbelievable. I had some guy email me. He`d been looking at my cam, and then navigated my website, so he could email me, and abuse me for having long hair and a beard.
Said I was a throwback from the 70s, and should stop hiding behind facial hair, and be myself.
Good grief. This person doesn`t know me, doesn`t know the first thing about me... and decides I should be abused for not fitting in with his idea of how people should look.
How screwed up is that?
Anyway, I guess I should`ve just ignored it, but figured if he could have a bit of childish fun, so could I... so I replied.
Told him he must have a very sad little life, if that`s how he amuses himself, and that I didn`t care about his opinion, since he is, and always will be nobody. I wonder how he`ll like that. Blocked his email addy after sending, `cause I really can`t be asked to get into a flame war.
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Hehehe. The bot`s really on form now. There`s a few regular chatters who just love playing with him, and it`s too funny watching him rip lamers apart.
There was a kid who came into the room this evening, and spent ages talking to the thing. He couldn`t understand how it managed to type so fast.
I soooooo have to post the bot logs onto the website soon :-)
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Friday, October 12, 2001

Oh dear. I woke up very late today... like around 2 pm. Training finished at 1pm, so I kinda missed it. Oops. Oh well.
I`ve spent a couple of hours doing minor updates to the website, mostly promotional stuff that viewers won`t notice, but that should make a difference with the search engines. Fingers crossed.
Been tinkering with the chatroom bot too, just adding a few new words and phrases for it to respond to, and some multiple responses for words it already responds to. I`ve pretty much run out of space in the main config file.. 30k limit, which is a shame. Still, I guess I`ll find a way to work around that and squeeze a bit more in somehow.
Anyway, thank god it`s friday :-)
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Thursday, October 11, 2001

Uh... I got half way to the training centre this morning, and then turned round. I was just too tired, and was getting a headache.
Came home, and went back to sleep for a couple of hours, and then sat and watched a couple of videos. Watched The Rock, and then The Last Temptation of Christ.
I dunno. I just feel really worn out at the moment. I`ll be glad when this training thing`s over. 4 more weeks to go.
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Wow, 10 hours sleep, straight through, no interruptions. God I needed that. Anther 3 or 4 hours woul`ve been nice though ;-)
Err... I think I`d better clean my kitchen up some time soon. Can`t find a space on the worktop to put my coffee mug..hehe.
Domesticated I ain`t :-P
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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

A dear friend of mine, who`s been reading this log since I started it, has just started her own :-)
I`ll link to it from here, the chatroom, and my main site, when she`s done a bit of work on it.
Very tired now... so, bedtime, I think.
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Blimey, I`m tired.
Training was interesting today. I sat and sailed through an exam on Word for Windows, and then spent 20 mins just familiarising myself with Excel, before sitting an exam on that too. I`ll be sitting an exam on Access tomorrow.
So, does this rapid progeress mean I`m great? Well... no. What it means is, the exams really aren`t worth the paper they`re printed on. Still, I can`t complain... it`s free, and any extra qualifications I get will look good on a job application.
I had to re-schedule a dental appointment, `cause the training people have set my forklift training to start on the same day, and I can`t have time off that week.
So... to nap, or not to nap? I dunno. I`m tired, but if I sleep now, I probably won`t sleep tonight. Guess I`ll just tank up on coffee for a few hours. Mmmm... caffein :-)
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This thing had better be working now. I just poked my head out of the window... it`s raining, and one bad thing, first thing in the morning is enough. Two would just be a shitty way to start the day.
Last night was fun. We had an online friend from Turkey, who we haven`t seen in the chatroom for quite a while, come into the audio room with us... and a regular chatter from some months back, who we thought we`d lost, left me a message, saying he`s back online, after having his computer break on him. It`s great. We`ve lost a few people over the months, and gained new ones... but it`s always nice when old faces show up again. :-)
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Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Argh... now this thing isn`t updating at all!!!
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I`m trying to get a hit counter onto this page, but I`m damned if I can make it work. Must be doing something wrong, and it`s frustrating the hell out of me.
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Training was pretty pointless again, though I can now proudly say I know how to use Word for Windows version 6 quite well. Heh, what version are they up to now? 6 was done in `93 from what I can tell.
When I got in, I checked my emails, and had a message from a woman in Australia, who`d been looking at my photo gallery, and found the street she grew up in. I love getting emails like that. It`s nice knowing people actually get some enjoyment from my site :-)
I went and paid some bills, and really hope the cheque I paid into my bank last saturday clears soon, `cause the bills just about wiped me out. Still, they`re usually pretty quick, so I`m not worrying too much.
I hope I can stay awake, and in the chatroom a bit longer tonight. I`m totally out of the habbit of getting up in the mornings, and it`s killing me.
I changed the layout and look of the menu in the chatroom last night. It`s amazing, with the introduction, and instructions, how many people still ask how to view the webcams. So now, with CHATTERS WEBCAMS being printed big and bold on a bright red button, anyone who can`t figure it out must either need glasses, or a complete brain transplant.
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So what`s new in the world today? I wish I had something interesting to tell you, but hey, I just got up.
It`s raining, I know that much, and the cat`s licking his butt again. Crazy moggy.
Marlboro and Coke for breakfast, yummy.
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Monday, October 08, 2001

Well, I think my experience at this `so called` IT training thing says something about the state of govt funded training schemes in the UK. If I`d actually paid for the thing, or was there for anything other than to obtain a forklift licence, I`d have been very pissed off. As it is, I just found it rather amusing, in a sad kind of way.
So what happened? I arrived there, only to be told the person teaching the course wasn`t going to be there today. Then, when someone decided to actually show a bit of responsibility, find me a free computer, and some tutorial material, I find I`m to learn an ancient version on Microsoft Word, running under Windows 3.1.
Forgive me for being cynical, but this is going to be useful how?
The whole thing reminds me of when I was in school, taking computer studies lessons. We spent a whole term learning a computer language that didn`t actually exist outside of a classroom, and data storage was described as using paper tape, and punch cards. This was in the mid `80s, and thus worse than pointless, as we could have been learning something slightly useful, like programming in basic, at the very least.
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Yawn. Just had 9 hours sleep, getting ready to go for some IT training, and all I want to do is go back to bed.
The first thing I do each morning is scroll through the bot`s chat logs, to see what`s been happening in the chatroom, while I`ve been asleep.
Y`know, it never ceases to amaze and amuse me, just how utterly stupid some people are. On the way into the chatroom, there`s an introduction that clearly states Looney is a bot. So, last night, this guy comes wandering into the room, and there`s no-one else there but Looney, who says hi to this guy, and quite clearly states that it`s a bot, and not a person. So what does the guy do? He says "Okay, so.. are you a guy or a girl?" Looney points out to this guy that the place isn`t a pickup room, and then continues to talk drivel, as is it`s way.. and all this time, the guy`s still talking to it. Five mins later, the guy asks again "So are you going to tell me if you`re a guy or a girl then?" In this time, Looney had stated several times that it wasn`t a person, but an AI program. I mean... Duh!
Just thought I`d share that with you, `cause it happens so often, and never fails to crack me up.
In the chatroom menu, there`s a link to some funny chatlog excerpts, which I guess I should update pretty soon. I think when I do that, I`m gonna add a separate log just for conversations that the bot`s had with people. Should be good for a laugh.
Anyways, I guess I`d better finish drinking this coffee, smoking this cig, and then get on out for this training thing. Still wanna go back to bed though :-)
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Sunday, October 07, 2001

Okay, the story so far -
I`ve just started a training course, learning to drive forklift trucks.
This is coinciding with a course of rather heavy duty dental treatment... multiple extractions etc, very unlpeasant.
So, if you should see me on my webcam, looking worn out, and rather sorry for myself, the chances are, I`ve recently been brutalised by my dentist again. I`m not complaining though, the work needs to be done... I should`ve gone years ago.
On a lighter note, I`m continuing to develope Looney, the chatbot in my chatroom. He`s almost convincing these days, if completely mad, and is often a source of much amusement, or annoyance, depending on your attitude towards bots.
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Okay, this is my new weblog, on which I`ll be posting my day to day thoughts and activities. Not very interesting I`m sure, but what the heck, I just feel like doing it, and anything new on my website`s gotta be a good thing.
For anyone who`s stumbled across this weblog, who hasn`t seen my website, here`s a little bit about me -
I`m 33, male, not married, no kids, and am strictly straight. I live in Milton Keynes, UK, about 50 miles north of London.
I`m not working at the moment, and spend most of my spare time either creating techno music, surreal art, or even stranger written pieces. I make all of this available on my two websites, listed in the links on the left.
I also spend a lot of time in the webcam chatroom on my sites, also linked to on the left.
Feel free to come and chat, but be aware that dissruptive people are generally kicked out quite swiftly, so be nice :-)
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