There Are Some Strange People Out There

someone blocked me
(Oh? Funny how that happens eh?)

octopus wav files
(Do octopi make noises?)

taking a dump
(Why didn't you go before you got here?)

forbidden family sex
(WTF? Get lost, sicko!)

knocking people out of chatrooms
(Umm, yes, but we won't talk about that)

crazy dragon blogs
(No, the dragon is my ex g/f, you won't find her here)

what is the enemy of the octopus
(probably the above mentioned dragon)

world domination octopus
(Hell yeah!!!)

rubber couple
(Is that something to do with plastic surgery?)

marlboro icon
(Sure, I smoke Marlboro, but honestly, an icon? You're too kind)

crap films
(umm... crap tv maybe, but not films)

everything purple
(What? It's all purple isn't it?)

AOL chatroom tool
(not bloody likely)

fat ugly woman in ark
(nope, she isn't here)

old woman gets her first massive [censored]

purple boobs
(yum, I think)

hairy boobs

people crazy ugly funny face
(jeez, thanks)

granny webcam
(umm, no)

crazy gothic freaks