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Thursday, January 31, 2002

What to write, what to write? I dunno... I`ve rather gotten out of the habbit of updating this thing. Shameful of me, I know.
I can`t say I`ve been doing a lot of late. Just watching movies (a lot of movies), sitting in chat, or sleeping.
Another visit to the dentist this monday just gone. I was scheduled to undergo a rather brutal surgical extraction, but she took one look at my face, and decided to put that off till all the other work was done, so it ended up being a much less traumatic experience.
There`s something of a new phenomenon that seems to be occurring in the chatroom lately, or if not new... at least increasing.
Because most of the people who hang out in the room are a pretty friendly and understanding bunch, an increasing number of people seem to have assumed it`s a good place to go and unload all of their problems, to find a shoulder to cry on. This in NOT good. It rather came to a head yesterday when an occasional visitor came in and started to unload all of her woes, and one of the senior ops decided that enough was enough... and changed the topic to "For the next 48 hours this is a whining free zone". Hehe. It rather amused me, but the woman who`d come in to unload got rather upset and left.
The thing is, though that may have been a rather brutal tactic, it`s something that needs to be addressed. The room`s a place for people to go and enjoy themselves, and when visitors start going on at length about their problems, it brings everyone down and ruins the happy atmosphere. So, the trick is, how to make them shut up, without actually offending them, or having to kick them out?
:: Steve Benway 3:11 PM [+] ::

Sunday, January 20, 2002

That`s something I haven`t done in a while. A whole day without going in chat.... any chat. Shut the whole world out for a day.
I dunno. I`ve been taking a lot on board lately, be it online, or real world, and I just decided `no, not today... everyone can just leave me alone.`
So what did I do? Nothing at all. Didn`t go in chat, answer the door, andswer the phone.. just watched some movies and caught up on sleeping.
:: Steve Benway 6:14 AM [+] ::

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I sooooo need to update this log, but I really don`t know what to tell you. There`s not been much happening in my life of late.
The highlight of my week was when a friend who I haven`t seen in a while came to visit. I was rather surprised, as it was around midnight at the time... but hey, I`m not gonna say no to a pretty woman with southern fried chicken.
Other than that... hmm. A few site updates, a few movies, in chat every night... business as usual really.
:: Steve Benway 2:52 AM [+] ::

Monday, January 07, 2002

Hah! I don`t know if any of you recall, a few months back, this `person`, and I use that term loosely, sent me an abusive email, and flooded my guestbook with abuse.
Why am I bringing it up now? Well... I recieved an email yesterday, initially appearing to be from someone who`d downloaded my tunes, wishing to say how much they enjoyed them. Nothing unusual there... it happens a lot.
However, on further reading, they went on to say that just like me, my tunes were boring and repetative, and that I should cut my hair, shave my beard, leave the 70s and join everyone else in the 21st century.
Was I annoyed? Not at all. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. This person calls me boring and repetative, and then goes on to say exactly the same thing they said several months ago.
What`s even more funny is, they don`t have any rational reason to dislike me... they just don`t like how I look, and will go to great lengths to abuse me, while all I have to do is click the ignore button. What does that tell you?
Sorry folks... I`ll stop laughing in a while and maybe have something sensible to tell you about.
Oh yeah... just in case that person should read this... my long hair...if you really wanna know why I have it like this, it`s cause there`s so many women who love it, even I`m surprised sometimes. Maybe you should try growing yours and find out for yourself... or are you bald? Haha!!!
:: Steve Benway 7:55 PM [+] ::

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